On the border between the Savio and Tevere valleys, the Municipality area of Verghereto was used as a strategic crossing point by Etruscans and Umbrians people.
During the medieval period some monks chose the mountains of Fumaiolo to found hermitages and abbeys; in particular St. Romualdo and St. Alberico, who lived here around the year 1000.
Before the rule of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, between 1200 and 1400, the area was dominated by the Lords of Faggiola.
Nowadays it is a renowned seasonal resort (especially in Alfero and Balze) at the foots of Mount Fumaiolo, from which the Savio river and that… dear to Rome and the Romans born.
The intention of local administrators is to make of the Fumaiolo area an important regional centre for cross-country skiing and hiking.
• Town Hall: Verghereto, via Caduti d’Ungheria 11, tel. 0543 902313
• Pro Loco Verghereto: tel. 0543 902483
• Pro Loco Balze: tel. 0543 906589  
• Pro Loco Alfero : tel. 0543 910493
• Pro Loco Montecoronaro: tel. 0543 902448
• Pro Loco Capanne : tel. 0543 908054
  • Historical Museum “Casa dell’eccidio Tavolicci”: Tavolicci, small mountain village in the municipality of Verghereto, is an important "Place of Remembrance" where, during the last world war, one of the most tragic fascist reprisals took place.
  • Church of St. Maria Assunta of Balze, on the Serra road, very ancient road to Rome (inside, glazed earthenware "Madonna col Bambino...")
  • Hermitage of St. Alberico, in a charming beechwood with the old mule track punctuated by the "majesty" of Via Crucis (from Balze directly with the ancient mule track)
  • Monastery of the Cell, near the hermitage of St. Alberico, evidence of hermit places still suitable for “blessed solitude”
  • Castel d'Alfero (very old fortified town), near Alfero, but in the Municipality of Sarsina
  • Via Casentino, with the church of St. Michele Arcangelo (Verghereto)
These are just some of many other artistic, historical and worship places of this very rich territory.
  • From the parking of Fumaiolo, walk to the sources of Tevere river (1268 m asl)
  • From Montecoronaro, walk to the sources of Savio river (1126 m asl)
  • Hiking: From Verghereto to the summit of Mount Comero (1370 m asl); from the pass of Mount Fumaiolo, in the fir-wood to the “Rupe della Moia”
  • In winter, downhill skiing (Rifugio Biancaneve ski lift) and cross-country skiing on the lawns of Mount Fumaiolo crest.
  • Snowshoeing under the stars with the “Fumaiolo Sentieri” Association
  • The “Cascata delle Trote”, 32 meters waterfall of the Alferello stream (Alfero) 
Caldarroste (chestnuts roasted on the plate), Ballotte (chestnuts boiled in water) and Castagnaccio (dessert of rural tradition), are the main versions of chestnut to taste.
Chestnut is the typical product of the area, especially of Alfero in which we find a large Chestnut wood.
Traditional dishes are: la Scottiglia (Tuscan origin) and Tortelli with truffle.
  • Fest of Madonna dell’Apparizione (St. Mary of the Assumption): 17th July (Balze)
  • Wild Boar Festival: July (Montecoronaro)
  • Handcrafted Beer Festival: August (Balze)
  • Midsummer Festival: August (Montecoronaro)
  • Tortello Festival: August (Verghereto)
  • Lamb Festival: August (Riofreddo)
  • Rio-West: August (Riofreddo)
  • Palio dei Somari (Donkey Competition): 15th August (Alfero)
  • Palio della Bigoncia of St. Maria Assunta: August (Balze)
  • Feast of St. Rocco: 16th August (Capanne)
  • Pera Cocomerina Festival: August (Ville di Montecoronaro)
  • Feast of St. Alberico: 29th August  (S. Alberico)
  • Chestnut Festival: Third Sunday in October (Alfero)
  • Living Crib: with commemoration (Verghereto)

Via Caduti D'Ungheria, 11 -  47028 Verghereto

0543 902313