FARM HOLIDAY MACIN - Massa di Cesena

FARM HOLIDAY MACIN - Massa di Cesena Macìn farm holiday is run by the family Budellacci that, since 1890, is dedicated to growing grapes and producing wine. 
The farm has a total area of 13 hectares of which 10 are planted with vineyards and 3 occupied by olive trees, cherry, apricot and plum ones. 
In 2003, we started the works of restoration of an old farmhouse which is located in Massa di Cesena, nestled in the green hills of Romagna. 
In this rustic, restored respecting the traditions and located in a very scenic area, we have been obtained 9 rooms and an apartment for hospitality. 
The farm Macìn takes its name from Matthew Budellacci, author and creator of the farm, whose dialect nickname was "Macìn."


Via San Mauro, 5280 -  47032 Massa di Cesena

0547 332480

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