AZ. AGR. VALMORRI - Cesena The Valmorri farm is  expression of the land and the passion for winemaking that has been handed down for at least five generations. It is situated on the first hills of Cesena at an average altitude of 110 meters and it enjoys of a charming panoramic view stretching down to the sea; in this context, in respect of nature and man, the cultivation of vineyards takes place.
After a long period of  IPM cultivation, in which even if allowed, the company has never made ??use of chemical herbicides and treatments. In 2000, we matured the decision to switch to organic methods, by certifying also the transformation of the grapes in the winery and obtaining genuine and of high quality wines.
The wines: Sangiovese, Albana, Trebbiano, and Cagnina Pagadebit are sold in bulk and in bottles with an excellent quality-price relationship.


Via Madonna dei Settecrociari 521 -  47522 Cesena

0547 335281  - 0547 335281

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