CELLI - Bertinoro

CELLI - Bertinoro The company was born in 1965 and since then, the careful grapes selections, from small farms located in the area, give interesting results from the qualitative point of view.
Since 1985 we start the winemaking facilities renovation, and in particular, a new philosophy that drives us towards the continuous search of our wines quality and typicality comes into the company.
We carefully select grapes from 9 small farms located in particularly suited positions of Bertinoro, from 120 to 270 m above the sea level for a total extension of  39.40 hectares.
The company’s specialities are:
- Solara Albana of Romagna Passito D.O.C.G.
- The Grillaie Sangiovese of Romagna Superiore
- I Croppi Albana of Romagna Secco D.O.C.G
- Bron & Chardonnay Ruseval
- Bron & Ruseval Sangiovese-Cabernet


Viale Carducci, 5 -  47032 Bertinoro

0543 445183  - 0543 445118



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