Tenuta Villa Rovere is located at the foot of Terra del Sole, a charming town founded by Cosimo de’ Medici in the 16th century, conceived as the ideal town of Renaissance period. Terra del Sole, or Heliopolis - meaning Town of the Sun - rests on the ancient road running between Forlì and Florence underneath the fortress of Monte Poggiolo.
The vineyards, surrounded by the Montone River and the Mill Stream, are cultivated under unique microclimatic conditions over six hectares of poly-clonal and poly-varietal vines.
The vineyard is located at the piedmont plain created by river Montone. Recent floods determined soil composition and formation, here characterized by sands, silts and gravels derived from the Pliocene clays and marl. 
With a density of 5000 plants per hectare, the vineyard develops in a natural clos, isolated from the surrounding environment thanks to tree rows and streams. 
The vineyard is conducted under environmental management principles, employing techniques based on integrated pest management. Repeated pruning and thinning are performed in the in order to optimize the micro-climate of the foliage and allow light and air diffusion.
After a careful selection of the grapes during the harvest, the process continues under rigorous quality standards. For the ageing of our wines, we employ barrels of Seguin Moreau, renowned tonnelerie from Cognac.
After the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in steel, the wines are moved to wooden barrels for their aging. The wood refinement is complemented by a further refinement into bottle.

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