AZ. AGR. MONTELORENZONE - S. Lucia di Roversano

AZ. AGR. MONTELORENZONE - S. Lucia di Roversano Going up to the Savio valley, a few kilometers from Cesena, on the first hills dominated by the tower of Roversano, we find the Montelorenzone farm. The winery is currently located in two large complexes where we cultivate more than 40 hectares of vineyard: the main seat  is in St. Lucia, where you can find also the technologically renovated winery.
The largest vineyards, some recently planted, are situated in that of St. Carlo, here we obtain the best grapes of Sangiovese and Albana.
The art of making wine is handed down from generation to generation by preserving the flavors and traditions of Romagna.


Via Comunale S. Lucia, 870 -  47522 S.Lucia di Roversano - Cesena

0547 326060  - 0547 326060

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