AZ. AGR. RAVAGLIA - Civitella

AZ. AGR. RAVAGLIA - Civitella The love for the land, the traditional processing of grapes, passion and sacrifice in harmony with nature, are the engine of this small family-run business for generations. Situated in the hills of Cusercoli, it is devoted to the breeding of beefs and pigs, but mainly to organic viticulture, with the production and sale of Sangiovese di Romagna "Primorolo" strong wine that carries the colors and shades of his land. The constant care of vines, made ??exclusively with natural methods, guarantees the excellent quality of the product. The biological method, introduced in 1998, blends in accordance with the traditions of the family by making a perfect combination of history, reality and authenticity. In the farm is also active, a laboratory for the meats processing.


Via San Martino in Varolo 58 -  47012 Cusercoli

0543 989640  - 0543 989640

339 7608224


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