​ROMAGNA CAGNINA It is almost certainly that the vine Cagnina comes from Friuli. Its cultivation in the territory of Romagna, however, is very old: during the Byzantine period the variety was imported from Dalmatia and Istria together with the limestone used for the construction of the great monuments of Ravenna.
The earliest records date back to the thirteenth century when there are traces of the vine and wine from Friuli Refosco  or Terrano that takes the name of Cagnina if it grows in the area of Forlì and Cesena.
Although the wines obtained from both the Refosco and Cagnina have similar organoleptic characteristics, even if the last one, in reason of the environmental characteristics and methods of production, it denotes a warmer and fleshy characte.
It has a purplish red color with a short fermentation. Its bouquet is vinous with hints of red fruits.
Maturation takes place after a quick passage in the barrel and you can already consume a week after vinification.  This wine should be drunk young, within one year of production.
It goes perfectly with the donut from the local tradition, with sweet tortelli stuffed with chestnuts and saba and roasted chestnuts.

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